ELIXIR eyebrow pencil (cartridge)


Collagen and was filled with firmness and clarity in Science "Tsuyadama (Co., Ltd. registered trademark of Shiseido)" brand to achieve the skin with you is Elixir. The shiny ball that of "cheek high shine to position fresh gloss", Shiseido examined has responded and there is a shiny ball "about 79% of the people" and "want to compliment, become happy." Since being deployed to meet the concerns of the two types of "firmness in the skin to be worried about aging care" and "clarity and whitening & Aging Care to skin the needle is worrisome", beautifully even piled up age It is a brand of friend of a woman. Products are basic care, special care, has been widely deployed with the base makeup. >See more products of this brand.

ELIXIR eyebrow pencil (cartridge)

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  • Product Introduction

    Is light soft easy to draw the natural eyebrow in touch eyebrow pencil lightly soft touch easy to draw the natural eyebrows eyebrow pencil. In gentle shades, easy to blur, and durable natural finish.

  • Product Use

    ● Please use Insert the cartridge fully into the holder. ● Please use feeding the 2 ~ 3mm core by turning the holder to the right direction. ● Since the holder has been set eyebrow brush, and when you trim the hair flow, please use when you or blurred naturally. ● After use, leave to return on the basis of the core. ● When replacing the core, pull the cartridge from Turned sure the holder to the left, please replace it with a new product.

  • Precautions

    ◇ when to replace the cartridge, be sure from fully turning to the left, please replace a new cartridge. ◇ please be used with caution well or abnormal, such as scratches and swelling, eczema and color missing (such as white spots) and darkening does not occur in the skin. When it is not suitable to your skin, discontinue use, please consult your such as a dermatologist.

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