[100% domestic] Jerusalem artichoke chips 50g additive-free pesticide-free

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[100% domestic] Jerusalem artichoke chips 50g additive-free pesticide-free

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    [Product name] Jerusalem artichoke chips [Categories] food and beverage [Contents] 50g [Ingredients] Jerusalem artichoke [Origin], Nagano Prefecture [How to use as it is, please enjoy. Since the Jerusalem artichoke chips of our shop does not use additives at all, if such want is salty, please adjust to your liking. [Precautions After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible. - How to save; Please to room temperature storage. Heat and humidity, please keep direct sunlight is avoided. [Expiration date] about 12 months [sales business's name] from the date of manufacture Co., Ltd. mountain year Garden Yubinbango170-0002 Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sugamo 3-34-1 [manager of the word] our shop of Jerusalem artichoke chips is so 100% domestic , it served safely and securely. Inulin has been included in the rich, is recommended for people who sugar is a concern (^ - ^)

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