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[Luxury gift] charcoal chicken chazuke

[Luxury gift] charcoal chicken chazuke

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    [Product name] charcoal chicken rice with green tea [Product classification] food [Contents] [amount of content per bag] chicken: 40g, Dashitsuyu: 10g, xi 2.4g [Ingredients] charcoal chicken (domestic), Dashitsuyu, xi (hail, sesame, seaweed, dried Mitsuha) Place the charcoal chicken and xi on top of the warm rice [as charcoal chicken rice with green tea] [how to use], please enjoy over the boiling water and soup soup. Please amount of hot water to moderate by your choice. If you will be devised to your liking, such as Serve with wasabi, you can enjoy even more delicious. [Charcoal chicken rice (cooked rice) as] will be in 1 Go rice put the charcoal chicken and soup soup, sprinkle the ingredients of up cooked put the switch on the rice cooker attached, please enjoy mix well. [Precautions After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible. - How to save; Please to room temperature storage. Heat and humidity, please keep direct sunlight is avoided. [Expiration date] about four months [sales business's name] from the date of manufacture Co., Ltd. mountain year Garden Yubinbango170-0002 Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sugamo 3-34-1

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