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  • Product Introduction

    ★ 14 hours duration
     Cairo put on clothes

    ◆ thermal insulation of cold and your body, is ideal for thermal insulation at the time of the outdoors.

    ◆ because it fits with mortar type, put in the place of your choice, such as waist and shoulder you can use.

    ■ maximum temperature ... 63 ℃
     ■ The average temperature ... 53 ℃
     ■ duration ... 14 hours (holding the 40 ℃ or more, the time to sustained)
    ※ Please do not apply directly to the skin.
    Please do not rubbed ※.
    ※ Please pay attention to the low-temperature burns.

    ◆ manufactured in ISO9001 acquisition factory

  • Product Use

    ● the inner bag is removed from the outer bag immediately before use, so as not to touch directly on the skin to peel off the release paper, please use stuck on clothing without tossed.

  • Precautions

    ● low-temperature burns, and has devoted a long period of time the heating element of higher than body temperature erythema, is that of burns that cause the symptoms of blisters and the like. In addition, please note that you may become the low-temperature burns not accompanied by subjective symptoms

    [Note for the low-temperature burns prevention]
    ● Please do not apply directly to the skin.
    Please avoid use of a long time same place ●.
    ● about once an hour, please make sure the skin condition. If an abnormality is found, please immediately peeled off.
    ● Because at bedtime easy and low-temperature burn, please do not use.
    ● those with sensitive skin, please pay attention to the low-temperature burns.
    ● Please peel off immediately when you feel too hot.
    ● infant or, your use of the case so as not to peel off right away on their own, such as your disabled people's body is enough Please note.
    ● The combination in the bedding and heating equipment will be in high temperature, please do not use.
    ● such as diabetes, If you have a failure in the warmth and blood circulation, because there is a risk of burns, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.
    ● If you are using a thin clothing such as underwear, please pay attention to the low-temperature burns.

     [Other notes]
    ● Please use not tossed.
    ● Please do not use to spoil clothing (such as hair long-legged clothing) and luxury clothing in a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
    ● Please peeled slowly so that the clothing or the like does not wear and tear when peeled off from the clothes and the like. (Stuck again and the pressure-sensitive adhesive force will be reduced.)
    ● Please peeled slowly put a finger on the portion without the adhesive material without pinched a non-woven fabric unit If your post and frog stuck. (Pull the sealing part by pinching the non-woven fabric areas may be contents torn spilling.)
    ● I can not eat. Please do not put in the mouth. If swallowed by mistake, please consult a physician in a gargle.
    ● Please use within the validity period.
    ● When you throw away, please follow the classification prescribed in the city.
    Please use good on you read the notes on the use and use of this product described.

    Iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, the water-salt

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