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Scent of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical blue toilet Stan copy 28g Green Forest

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    "Scent 28g of Blue let Stan copy Whitey over soap" is, just keep stuck to the toilet bowl surface, spread a pleasant aroma, is for the cleaning agent toilet to keep clean the water's edge. Firmly washing by the action of the cleaning component. Keeping the beautiful dirt adhesion prevention effect, pharmaceutical ingredient because pasted to the left and right two places will spread effectively to the water's edge. About 10 days and paste it into the left and right two places at one time (1-2 weeks) can be used. (One in four times, about 40 days *). Flowing water is colorless. Clean white soap scent. * Due to temperature, water temperature, water, and some change.

  • Product Use

    ※ Note: in use because it is unsanitary, so that infants do not touch. ※ ask: in order to enhance the effect, please use the clean the toilet bowl. ※ can not use the toilet: it can not be used in the pottery of non-made toilet bowl (such as resin). If you do not know the pottery made, please check the instruction manual of the toilet bowl. To the simple clean knack make] flipping-Pitatto Pont 1. container preparation of (1) Remove the cap (2) hole, adjust the projection portion of the grip (3) without turning the grip, until it stops 6. once again grip 5. straight separate the gel container 2. make the gel by pressing lightly 4. grip 3. toilet in pressing the tip quite right that does not force the * grip turn to the right until it stops rickets Innovation about half laps the grip to push from approximately by half Innovation cycle, make a second gel * the size of the gel may be different. ● After use, tightly sealed cap, store ※ 2 weeks after more than gel and small became gel, please use as a toilet detergent rubbed with a toilet brush. When put in the vicinity of the outlet of the water flow, you may want to or flows down the water splashing or drug. ※ If you have there is no drug, please purchase only the "Blue Let Stan P. dipped for replacement". When you use the for exchange put, because the stand and grip is needed, please do not throw away.

  • Precautions

    ■ Do not use to care ● outside applications on the use. ● Do not use on a non-made pottery bowl (such as resin). ● Do not place out of reach of children. ● in use because it is unsanitary, so that infants do not touch. ● or fire, avoid direct sunlight, do not put in place equal to or greater than 40 degrees. ● During use, or splashing water, if the remained mass of the drug, drop in the toilet brush. ※ This product does not affect the bacteria in the septic tank and the septic tank. ■ If you entered the first aid eye ●, thoroughly wash immediately with running water without rubbing. ● If swallowed, drink a cup 1-2 glasses of water. ● If you have attached to the skin, thoroughly rinse with water. After the treatment in any case, when there is abnormal is to bring this description writing, to consult a doctor.

    Surfactant (30% polyoxyalkylene glycol, alkyl betaines), flavors, stabilizers

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