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Scent of only eradication EX 70ml super orange put Kobayashi Pharmaceutical liquid blue toilet

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    ■ Liquid Blue Rhett put only eradication EX fragrance 70ml [Kobayashi Pharmaceutical] of super mint ● "fragrance 70ml of only eradication EX super mint put liquid blue let" is coated with a toilet bowl, toilet cleaning agents to reduce the adhesion of dirt is. Bubbling while, it washes away the dirt. Blended cleaning and antifouling component, coated with a toilet bowl, reduce the adhesion of dirt, to keep the clean of the toilet bowl.

  • Product Use

    Please do not absolutely remove the Tomesen cap that is attached to the bottle ●. (1) Remove with a twist on the tank. (2) with the upside-down bottle, and set breaks through a stop plug cap in the projection portion of the lower container. ※ In the part of the four-legged, insert the pointed not (3) foot.

  • Precautions

    Precautions ● Do not use for any purpose other than. ● Do not place out of reach of children. ● Avoid fire and direct sunlight, it does not put in place equal to or greater than 40 degrees. ● During use, be careful not to give the drug to clothes. If you have attached to the event clothes, wash immediately with clothes detergent. ● If the amount of the flow of water or too strong water is too much, or overflowing or splashing water, there is a case in which the container or fall. In that case, to adjust such as weaken the amount of water in the toilet tank next to the water shutoff valve. ● During use, or upside down this product, not sideways. If you get any chance to such a state, immediately inserted into the leg portion of the lower container into the hole in the tank. ● If there is a net into the water discharge port of the hand-washing part of the tank, if the poor flow of water hand washing unit, etc. If you've been dirty lower container, from time to time to clean the nets and lower container in order to prevent water flooding the. If you no longer pay attention ※ liquid chemical, please purchase only the "for the exchange dipped only-put liquid blue let". It can not be used for other Blue let product. ● Since there is a possibility that the liquid chemical spillage, please do not press hard on the side of the bottle. ● If the set is not enough you might not be a short period of time and spilled chemicals. ● You can use even not hit the water directly into the container. ● You can also use the bidet function with toilet, but a small part, there is a type that is not available for use (the type that use the water in the toilet tank to the bidet). ● It can not be used in a simple water washing type (Kumitori type). ● it does not fall dirt of the part that does not flow of water. ● on the structure, it contains the water in the bottle, but it may seem to not less chemical solution, a chemical solution is out of the amount required. In this case, it may no longer be at once the chemical liquid just before the end also. ● depending on the type and strength of the water flow in the tank, there may be foaming is small, the chemical solution is out of the required amount, there is no problem with the cleaning effect. ● This product does not damage the equipment in the tank, because it does not also affect the bacteria and anti-condensation tank of the septic tank and the septic tank, you can use with confidence.

    Perfume, non-ionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants ● humoral: neutral

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