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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Sawaday PINKPINK for ROOM 250ml Noble Scarlet rose scent

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Sawaday PINKPINK (Sawasdee Pink Pink) Angel Soap 250ml [Kobayashi Pharmaceutical] ▼ reader model a gorgeous smell and cute design that was jointly developed! "Sawaday PINKPINK (Sawasdee Pink Pink) Angel soap 250ml" is, like ornate fragrance young women and is room for aromatic deodorant of the young women who stuck to the design. Women in love aroma and design, will create a cozy space. ● The image of a woman is shining scene, gorgeous aroma ● women we know and love in a body mist and cosmetics, sweet and colorful fragrance spreads in the room ● gorgeous aroma and design that incorporates the opinions of readers model of the magazine . ● sophisticated design, such as Convincing a perfume bottle, is indoor and adorned the front door a bright and colorful [Angel Soap] refreshing Araitate feminine cleanliness full of soap scent of, such as shampoo. Tatase freshness fresh citrus top, well-balanced blend of Rose Muguet, Jasmine in the middle note. In addition to Woody musk in the base note and finished with a clean scent.

  • Product Use

    (1) film, remove the cover, remove the filter paper and filter paper table. (2) in the cap only remove it and discard. (3) to the original as set the filter paper and filter paper table. Filter paper and filter paper table is not discarded. (4) tightly fitting the cover. ● lasts use period of about one to two months. (Duration of fragrance depends on the environment) When there is no more content, please use the "Shonioimoto PINKPINK dipped for exchange." ● Remove the attached exchange method (1) the main body of the cover, throw away the bottle and filter paper was finished using. Filter paper platform is not discarded. (2) Remove the cap, put a new filter paper filter paper stage, to set the original street. (3) tightly fitting the cover.

  • Precautions

    ● attention to the accidental ingestion ● product can not drink. ● Do not place the product in the reach of children. ● Place in a stable place, not leave fallen. ● Do not lift the only cover. ● If you have spilled wipe immediately. ● Do not use for any purpose other than. ● place exposed to direct sunlight, not placed in the high temperature of the location. Corrugating medium is not disconnect ●.

    Perfume, amphoteric surfactant system deodorant, a surfactant (nonionic, anionic)

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