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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical blue toilet Parfum 70ml watery Blossom

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Description of item

    ■ Blue let perfume perfume tone floral soap 70ml [Kobayashi Pharmaceutical] ● scent of perfume tone sense of quality! "Blue Let Perfume perfume tone floral soap 70ml" is firmly spread the scent of perfume tone with a sense of quality, the toilet space toilet cleaning agent to be refreshing. The cleaning ingredients were blended, firmly washing, keeping a clean toilet. In dirt adhesion prevention effect, to keep the shine of the toilet bowl. Flowing water is colorless.

    how to use

    (1) upside down have been set breaks through a stop plug cap in the protrusion. (2) inserting the foot into the hole in the tank. (3) liquid press the bottle in order to improve the street strongly extent that crowded to two to three times. Please insert firmly to the back so that it can not be a gap between the bottle and the lower container ※. ※ You can also use not be exposed to direct water into the container. ※ does not fall dirt of the portion of the water does not flow. ※ by the strength of the type and water flow of the toilet, you may foaming is small, the chemical solution is out of the required amount, there is no problem with the cleaning effect. ※ The use environment, both of the liquid may not decrease at the same time.


    Other than, applications do not use. • Do not place out of reach of children. - Fire and, avoid direct sunlight, do not put in place to be more than 40 degrees. • When used, be careful not to put a drug on the clothes. If you went to the event clothes, wash immediately with clothes detergent. • If the amount of the flow of water or too strong water is too much, or splashing water, rarely there is a case in which the container is water prevents the hole collapsed overflows. In that case, make adjustments, such as weakening the water flow in the tank next to the water shutoff valve. - In use, or upside down this product, not sideways. If you get any chance to such a state, immediately return to its original position. • If there is a net into the water discharge port of the hand-washing part of the tank, if the poor flow of water hand washing unit, etc. If you've been dirty lower container, from time to time to clean the nets and lower container in order to prevent water flooding the. If you entered in the <first aid description> - eyes, flush for 15 minutes with running water without rubbing. • If you put in the mouth accidentally, to the treatment, such as drinking milk or cup of water one to two cups. • When attached to the skin, thoroughly rinse with water. • After also of treatment in any case, if there is unusual to bring this description writing, to consult a doctor.

    Aromatic liquid ... fragrances, surfactants (nonionic, anionic), the dye wash solution ... surfactant (nonionic, anionic)

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