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Scent of refreshing herbs relax consumption Nioimoto 400ml heart of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical rooms

Scent of refreshing herbs relax consumption Nioimoto 400ml heart of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical rooms

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Description of item

    "Consumption Nioimoto lavender 400ml of the room" is, fragrance is long-lasting, is aromatic deodorant of large capacity 400ml size. Since the large-capacity, the effect will be long-lasting. A large filter paper, also firmly deodorant unpleasant smell of the room. In addition, by adjusting to an inner pig up and down on the inside, you can adjust the flavor. Deodorant aromatic effect, lasts about 1.5 months -3 months. Refreshing scent of lavender that expresses the freshness of lavender fields that spread to fill the earth.

    how to use

    1. Peel off the top label along the perforated line than opening ports. 2. pull while tilting the outside cap on the back, remove the outer cap. 3. within the cap by turning in the direction of the arrow, sufficiently loosen. 4. in the cap slowly pulled up to just above. 5. Put the outside cap, firmly shut.


    * This product does not drink. · Please do not leave within reach of children. - Place in a stable place, please do not leave fallen. - Please do not lift only the outside cap. Please wipe off immediately if spilled,. - Please do not use for any purpose other than. Direct sunlight of the hit place, please do not put in the high temperature of the location. [First aid], liquid as soon rubbing case of contact with eyes, flush water for at least 15 minutes. - If you have on your hands wash well. • If you drank it is to drink large amounts of water. If there is unusual to bring this product, consult a doctor.

    Amphoteric surfactants based deodorant, perfumes, surfactants (nonionic, anionic), the dye

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