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Slightly herbal scent mask (3 pieces) Rose

Slightly herbal scent mask (3 pieces) Rose

  • Manufacturer:KOWA

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Description of item

    ■ three-dimensional slightly mask Jasmine enter a little smaller three fragrant herbs [Kowa] ▼ scented mask! "Three-dimensional slightly herbal mask Jasmine slightly smaller 3 pieces that smell" that is healed in the fragrance of herbs, the scent of herbs to scent of jasmine which has the effect of motivational in the mask. In addition, the protection coat to make fell hard, have been devised, such as placing the mouse bar.

    how to use

    • In order to make burst the microcapsules of fragrance, please pat before wear. (Fragrance by hitting If you feel that you smell in use have become weak and then resurrected.) And display of the right edge of the mask (Uchi) is correctly read face to face side, bending the nose fitter in advance, spread the mask up and down please wear on.


    - Infants and those who there is an abnormality in the respiratory tract, please do not use. * This product is toxic gas, there is no effect on the harmful dust. When you feel bad by the smell and when you feel the suffocation by the mask, please discontinue use. * This product is a product Single Use. Re-use can not be due to washing. Please use as a guide the day, please replace it if the dirt is anxious. · The individual difference that it may glasses fogged, please be careful to such as the time of operation. - Please keep in the place where the baby is not out of reach. - Hot and humid Please avoid storage in place. Within the bag after opening, please promptly use.

    Filter: polypropylene, nylon, polyester ear string: polyurethane, polyester nose fitter: Polyethylene mouse Bar: Polypropylene

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