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  • Product Introduction

    Insect repellent of only simple net type vine. Two of pharmaceutical compounding of transfluthrin and empenthrin. Replace with a sign of the liquid type can be seen in the time to replace the glance. Only vine, because it can be used only by placing, does not need any electricity or battery. Choice of 160 days, 260 days, one year of the lineup. There is also a two pack.

  • Product Use

    ● Please install the nasty insect (midge) is flying likely to place. ● This product is not a commodity targeted mosquitoes. If you need help in the mosquito, please use the mosquito insecticide, such as ground Nomatto. ● effect due to wind direction is different. (There is no effect on the windward). ● air flow, sustained by the use environment, such as temperature is different. 1, open the bag, take out this product. (Volatilization of the drug will begin.) 2, by pinching the knob portion of your replacement sign part, please peel off the outer side of the film. 3, after the start of use, replace it Once there is no chemical solution of your replacement sign part. ■ Slide the case hook to be used hung, please secure the tip of the hook on the back of the hole in the container. ■ Please be transversely as it is if you wish to use place.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: transfluthrin, empenthrin (pyrethroid)

  • Precautions

    Should ●, if you feel an abnormality in the body, that this product is a drug of pyrethroid tell your doctor, please receive medical care. [Other Precautions] ● read a sure product display before use, please use on that you fully understand. ● protect how to use, please do not use it for other than its intended purpose. ● Please do not directly touch the net (drug-impregnated part). If you touch the drug by mistake, please wash well with soap. ● or entered into the chemical liquid eyes of your replacement sign part, if you have on your hands, please immediately rinse with water. ● people of allergy and prone to rash constitution, please be careful to use. ● avoid the vicinity of the fire, please be used in place that is out of the reach of children and pets. ● Please do this product does not enter the water tank you are of such ornamental fish. ● This product is persistent use period is usually described, but it may be terminated early by the use environment. ● or peel off the inside of the transparent film of your replacement sign part, please do not broke. Doing so can result in fluid leakage. ● Since Unlike insecticides, pest a large amount generated, for example, if you fly one after another, please in combination with insecticide aerosol.

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