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  • Product Introduction

    ● important 5 kinds of amino acids (BCAA + glutamine, arginine) to exercise blended with citric acid 3300mg to be a source of energy to 1000mg, it is the type of supplements that dissolve in water. Nutrition can be easily delicious to enjoy the sport together with moisture because the drink type ●.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Fructose sodium chloride citric acid (Na, Ca) glutamine arginine leucine isoleucine valine lactic acid Ca-phosphate K perfume V.C sweetener (aspartame · L- phenylalanine compound) shellfish Ca chloride K V.B2

  • Nutritional Information

    Product (10g) per energy 33kcal Protein 1.0g Lipid 0g Carbohydrate 8.1g sodium 275mg amino acid 1.0g leucine 0.21g isoleucine 0.17g valine 0.14g glutamine 0.24g arginine 0.24g citric acid 3300mg

  • Precautions

    - Since this product is hygroscopic, please immediately use after opening. Also, was dissolved, and stored in the refrigerator, please drink as soon as possible. • When you dissolve this product, please use the container other than metal.

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