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Sweet Marvie Candy (49G) blueberry

Sweet Marvie Candy (49G) blueberry

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

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    ● It is candy to enjoy both "sweet", "umami". ● was devised to draw more natural sweetness of the sweetener of plant born "Mabi". ● sugar unused calories 36% off (compared with Japan Standard Tables of Food Composition 2010 "drop") ● contains the body think of low-GI ● fruit flavors use / fruit juice non-use ● 4 kinds of taste of Crystal Orange Strawberry Muscat a mix candy was.


    [Notes] After opening as much as possible, please enjoy as soon as possible. · Note that you have, but there are cases where variations occur in the proportion of type. - It may have variations in color and shape caused by the commodity, but the quality is not the problem. Candy so as not to clog the throat, slowly enjoy. Please pay special attention towards the children and our elderly. • If a large amount of your eat at a time, it may your stomach loose by the constitution. - It rarely there is a case where the air bag is mixed, but is no different in content amount of the display (net amount). Please pardon humbly.


    Crystal ... reduced maltose syrup, kelp extract, dry tomato extract, fragrance Orange ... reducing maltose syrup, dry tomato extract, flavoring, coloring (carotenoids, red yeast) Strawberry ... reduced maltose syrup, dry tomato extract, flavoring, coloring (red yeast) Muscat ... reduced maltose syrup, dry tomato extract, flavoring, coloring (flavonoids, gardenia)

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