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  • Product Introduction

    "Thickening up ace thickened adjustment food" is a thickening adjustment food easier to swallow by putting a thickening like to drink. Since the firm thickening arrive in small amounts is recommended for food. Sodium is less thickening adjustment foods.

  • Product Use

    ● In the case finely chopped food of food, and in addition make a thickening with water or hot water. If you want to use the mixer food is subjected to a mixer together the ingredients as "thickening up Ace". ● In the case of drinks such as water, tea, will this product added in small portions with stirring well. After dissolution, it sticks thickening in 1 minute -2 minutes. ● If you have dissolved in a guide water, tea of ​​thickening (per 150ml (standard: coffee cup, tea cup)) * French dressing like: 0.75g (1/2 tsp) * tonkatsu sauce-like: 1.5g (1 tsp) * ketchup Jo ··· 3.0g the addition is divided into (2 tsp) • the number of times you can lumps. In advance to add those weighed two teaspoons at a time is the trick. - Weighing of the standard: commercially available 1 teaspoon worth is about 1.5g. ● to drink and food to which you want to add a point ● 1. Thickening on the use, please be added in small portions with stirring well with spoon. In particular, and hot drinks, and some from the beginning of the thickening, please stir in mind that easily can be lumps. 2. After dissolution, but sticks thickening in 1 minute -2 minutes, the kind of food to add, temperature, thickening is it may take a little time to stabilize by the amount. Too put, that it may be difficult to swallow too much luck is thickening, please use caution. 3. easy to swallow thickening there are individual differences. In addition to referring to the "measure of the thickening", please enjoy to check the status of thickening. ○ slide zipper HOW TO USE ○ 1. Move the red knob. 2. Press out while pulling to the left and right on the inner side of the seal (transparent portion). Please remove the contents at 3. dry spoon. 4. Please close your After use, eliminate the powder of the zipper part. ※ When the sprinkle directly from the bag, powder clogging the zipper part, because you may not be able to from closing, we recommend the removal of a spoon.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Dextrin starch polysaccharide thickener

  • Nutritional Information

    100g per Energy 293kcal Protein 1.8g lipid 0-0.9g carbohydrates 47.8g dietary fiber 44.8g sodium 0-8mg potassium 103mg

  • Precautions

    ● When you take out the opening and at the time of contents, please be careful not to damage the hand cut. ● Because it may clog the throat, please do not as it is put in the mouth of the powder. ● or added in this product is a large amount, in the case was again added to foods with a thickening at a time, please remove always when lumps occurs. ● commercially available measuring spoon, it is that there are variations in the capacity. ● After adjustment, please check whether it is always easy to eat thickening before they are eating and drinking. ● Please check the temperature when eat with a thickening in the hot food and drinks. And ● too take this product or crawling stomach by the physical condition and constitution, you might loosely. Please reduce the amount of use such cases. ● If you have severe disabilities to swallow, please consult your doctor, dentist, nutritionist, etc. before use. ● By using this product, be swallowed by mistake, it does not reliably prevented. ● After the adjustment, as much as possible, please enjoy as soon as possible. ● a lot of liquid and protein, such as a thick liquid diet liquid, it will take time until it thickens. ● every effort has been made to the quality control, but the color at the time of unsealing, smell, please do not use if abnormalities are seen in such as taste.

  • ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

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