Acecook Pho · ccori's a mood chicken Four × 36 pieces

Acecook Pho · ccori's a mood chicken Four × 36 pieces

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  • Product Introduction

    Only put the salad in the "salad Four" can enjoy!
    Healthy full of the taste of the soup was further power up.

    Familiar and rice noodles of Acecook own formulation stuck to the smooth texture of the rice flavor and noodles, chicken base to twist spicy vegetables, such as roasted ginger, and also to the home while Japanese who firmly taking advantage of the taste of soup deep flavor of the soup of.
    Because it is low in calories, such as the perfect diet and your supper.

    6 months from date of manufacture

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Ingredients: rice noodles (rice, starch, salt), soup (protein hydrolyzate, chicken extract, chicken fat, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, spices, onion extract), gunpowder (taste with chicken minced, green onions, bean sprouts , coriander, red pepper), modified starch, seasoning (amino acids), alcohol, perfume, thickening polysaccharides, carotenoid pigments, emulsifiers, antioxidants (vitamin E), (some of the raw wheat, eggs, milk components , including soybean, pork, sesame)

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