Sofy "Chojyukusui" Sleep Soundly Guard 400 for Extra Heavy Nights - with Wings 10 Pads

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  • Product Introduction

    Sophie ultra-sound sleep guard 40cm blade with is a "new experience synchro cushion" is run down to prevent the leakage, many night napkins even sleep in peace at night (especially many day night use and feathered). Tightly fit to the body, eliminating the gap that causes leakage. In "air bag" structure, such as the cushion that contains air, also continues to fit in rolling over, firmly blocked the lateral leakage in. Quasi-drugs.

    Sanitary napkins

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Polyester, polyethylene

  • Specifications

    Please use replacement as appropriate at the time of physiology.

  • Precautions

    ● napkin after use, please discarded wrapped in individual lap. Please do not discarded to the toilet.

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