unicharm Sofy Chojyukusui Guard 290 (18 sheets)

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  • Dimensions:19.5cm × 13.0cm × 11.1cm

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ソフィ 超熟睡ガード 29cm 羽つき は、「新体感シンクロクッション」が伝いモレを防止、多い夜も安心して眠れる夜用ナプキン(多い日の夜用・羽つき)です。体にしっかりフィットして、モレの原因となるすきまをなくします。安心ギャザー搭載で、寝返りしてもフィットし続け、横モレをしっかりせき止めます。医薬部外品。

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  • Product features

  • Sophie ultra-deep sleep guard 29cm feathers with is a "new experience synchro cushion" is Tsutai prevent leakage, many night napkins even sleep in peace at night (many day night for-wings with the). Tightly fit to the body, eliminating the gap that becomes the cause of the leakage. In peace of mind gather equipped, also continue to be fit to turn over, firmly blocked the lateral leakage. Quasi-drugs.

  • raw materials

  • Polyester, polyethylene

  • Specification method

  • Please use replacement as appropriate at the time of physiology.

  • Notes

  • ● napkin after use, please abandoned wrapped in individual lap. Please do not discarded to the toilet.

  • Remarks

  • Sanitary napkins

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