Clear Turn Princess Veil Rich Moist Mask (8 Sheets)


Clear Turn is a brand that continues to be selected as the No. 1 moisturizing mask due to their ability as a manufacturer to create high quality beauty essence, and specially designed masks. With specially created formulations for each type of skin issues such as ageing care, pore care, and brightening, even those with sensitive or allergic skin types can use this product in confidence with no worries. The high volume pack Princess Veil series, and the beauty craftsman series with Japanese sake or black pearl essence added to a base of water from Mimasaka Hot Springs are extremely popular products and continue to gain attention worldwide. >See more products of this brand.

Clear Turn Princess Veil Rich Moist Mask (8 Sheets)

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  • Product Introduction

    Rich Moist Mask - Rich and Gooey Lychee Honey
    5 actions in 1 - lotion, emulsion, serum, cream and face pack
    Ideal for those concerned about dryness, who want to care for pores (especially on the nose/cheeks), or who want plump, supple skin.

    Now more moisturizing than ever!
    Including luxurious ingredients specially formulated for different skin types.
    Give your everyday mask time a little luxury.

    Conforms comfortably to your face! This mask is receiving rave reviews!
    With a new and improved snug fit that that adheres to the skin. The shape has also been improved to fit the face perfectly.

    Soft triple-layer sheet
    These masks are carefully woven with pure water that has been refined over several years. The triple-layer construction holds ample amounts of moisturizing serum.

    To solve a variety of skin trouble from Princess veil, you can suggest a life scene sheet mask! Skin care completed in one! Since the all-mask achieve a high skin care effect with a single. It leads to skin full of moisture. 5 roles one! Milk lotion, beauty liquid, cream pack. Hoshimechikara up! Drying is rich Moist mask to the skin to be worried about. Soft fruity floral scent.

  • Specifications

    Hoshimechikara up! The skin dry anxious! Rich Moist mask
    Tightening even skin anxious of pores, and prepares the tone. And moist moistened, it leads to skin purpuric which was Motchiri.
    Lychee honey, hyaluronic acid GL compounding.
    ※ GL is glycerin

    Newly developed, soft sheets per skin of a three-layer structure. Beauty solution includes plenty, you delivered to the stratum corneum.
    Coverage of the eyes mouth to be worried about is up, it will comfortably fit so as to enclose.

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