Clear clean ball and the ultra-fine compact normal

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  • Product Introduction

    Tooth surface is also gap is also a compact toothbrush which adopted a commitment design of the plaque remaining zero idea (usually). Spherical hair is in close contact with the irregularities of the tooth surface plaque whole ton scraped, ultra-fine hair is scraped not miss even hard-to-reach plaque in the back of the gap. In addition, a three-stage fit is different flocked to fit in a bad part of the back teeth and dentition. Toothpaste, it is recommended to clear clean EX medicated toothpaste.

  • Product Use

    The bristles using a well, let's polish lightly in small steps.
    Put too much force, it can also cause damage to the gums

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● handle the material of
    Body: polypropylene
    Rubber parts: EPDM, polypropylene
    · Hair material: Nylon

  • Precautions

    Let's swop When the bristles opens

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