Clear clean whitening clear mint 120g

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  • Product Introduction

    Drop the daily stains, to the original white teeth.
    White reset granules * 1, off the stains and plaque, * 2 is malic acid, this will make it harder marked with a colored dirt.
    Tar of tobacco also dropped.
    With fluorine * 3 formulations, to prevent the development and progression of dental caries.
    Clean crisp clear mint flavor.
    * 1 Wa granules
    * 2 DL- malic acid
    * 3 sodium fluoride

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Base: water
    Wetting agent: sorbitol solution
    Cleaning agent: anhydrous silicic acid, Wa granules, powdered cellulose
    Medicinal ingredients: PEG-12, sodium fluoride
    pH adjusting agent: liquid potassium hydroxide (A), 2Na phosphate, sodium hydroxide solution
    Foaming agent: lauryl sulfate, stearic acid POE sorbitan
    Nebayuizai: CMC · Na, xanthan gum
    Flavoring agents: flavoring (clear mint type), saccharin Na
    Cleaning aids: DL- malic acid
    Coloring agent: Ti oxide

  • Storage Information

    Do not use when there is a crack, etc. ●
    ● careful not to enter the eye and scattered the toothpaste. Because it may hurt your eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly without rubbing, if an abnormality remains to consult an ophthalmologist
    ● of the mouth abnormal, consult rash and itching, to the doctor to stop using If you get symptoms such as crowded strong cough

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