Clear clean whitening Apple 120g

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  • Product Introduction

    ● drop the stain, the original white teeth!
    ● enter white reset granules (cleaning agent) to the uneven surface of the tooth, it drops clean the stains and plaque.
    ● drop the like by the stain of coffee and tea. Tar of tobacco also dropped.
    ● malic acid (cleaning aid) is, spreads to every corner of the tooth, and lifted the stain, this will make it harder attached.
    ● prevent the occurrence and progression of dental caries by fluorine blended.
    ● gorgeous Apple chamomile flavor

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Base ... water
    Wetting agents ... sorbitol solution
    Cleaning agents ... silicic anhydride, Wa granules, powdered cellulose
    Medicinal ingredients · · · PEG-12, sodium fluoride, benzethonium chloride
    pH adjusting agents ... potassium hydroxide solution (A), 2Na phosphate, sodium hydroxide solution
    Blowing agent ... lauryl sulfate, stearic acid POE sorbitan
    Nebayuizai ··· CMC · Na, xanthan gum
    Flavoring agent ... perfume (apple chamomile type), saccharin Na
    Cleaning aids ··· DL- malic acid
    Coloring agents ... Ti oxide

  • Precautions

    - is not used when there is such as scratches.
    Toothpaste, is splattered careful so as not to enter the eye. Because it may hurt your eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly without rubbing, if an abnormality remains to consult an ophthalmologist.
    - the mouth of the abnormal, rash and itching, discontinue use If you get symptoms such as crowded strong cough, consult a doctor.

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