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GOO.N Pants Soft Fit XXL (13-25kg) Girls 28 Diapers

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Drive out quickly the speed ventilation stuffiness!
    Speed ​​ventilation of grayed-down history No.1 ※
    ※ our own research (June 2017)

    Even a long period of time, your skin waiting smooth

    Waiting for a free-flowing absorber inhale quickly pee

    The entire air-permeable sheet to expel the stuffiness

    New improved! Fluffy feeling up

  • Specifications

    BIG larger than size
    Body weight guideline 13kg ~ 25kg
    Tummy around a guide 48cm ~ 63cm
    Contents: 28 sheets

  • Materials

    Surface material: polyolefin-based non-woven fabric
    The water-absorbing material: cotton-like pulp polymeric water absorbent material absorbent paper polyolefin-based non-woven fabric
    Waterproof material: polyolefin-based film
    Fastening material: polyolefin-based film
    Stretchable material: Polyurethane
    Binder: styrene synthetic resin

  • Precautions

    So that children do not let it into the disposable diapers to mouth, please keep out of the reach of children.
    Such as near heating equipment, please do not put in place to become a high temperature.
    Disposable diapers inside of the polymeric water absorbent material, but will be jelly-like grain and to absorb the moisture, it is safe to touch the skin of the child.
    Because it is disposable diapers, please do not wash. If you wash by mistake, but you may be the contents of the disposable diaper is attached to the other clothing, please rinse thoroughly with water if that.
    Please be replaced as frequently dirty disposable diapers.
    Please do tape is not attached to your skin directly.
    If you are with a tape it is the butt side.

  • Storage Information

    Processing method after use

    Stool attached to the disposable diapers, please dispose of the toilet.
    Rounding to the dirty part on the inside, please be treated so as not to unsanitary.
    Please do not discard the disposable diapers to the toilet.
    Accidentally enter the mouth, note the storage location so as not to clog the throat, after use, please process immediately.
    Disposable diapers, which was used when going out Let's take home.
    Disposal method of after use disposable diapers, please follow the rules in your area.

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