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Raku Yaki Twin-Tip Markers (8-Color Set RMTW-1100)

Raku Yaki Twin-Tip Markers (8-Color Set RMTW-1100)

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Draw pictures or write on ceramic or heat-resistant glass with these pens, then bake it in your oven. Drawings can easily be erased before baking if you want to make any changes. After baking, food can be served on them at room temperature.

    These markers can be used on plates or mugs from any shop, so you can easily start without buying anything special for it.

    Easy to use:
    ① Remove oil and stains from dishes.
    ② Start coloring or drawing on the dish with the marker.
    ③ Bake it in your oven. Temperature and time for baking are as follows:
    ・230℃…20 minutes
    ・200℃…25 minutes
    ④ Wash the baked pottery with water lightly, and it’s done!
    【Size】14.55x2cm 【Color】Red・Yellow・Green・Blue・Black・Pink

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