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CITIZEN watch PROMASTER Promaster AQUALAND authentic 200M-Diver's Divers Eco-Drive Eco-Drive Men's BN2024-05E

CITIZEN watch PROMASTER Promaster AQUALAND authentic 200M-Diver's Divers Eco-Drive Eco-Drive Men's BN2024-05E

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  • Product Introduction

    A realistic analog sensor divers watch which evolved with new technology. · It is an analog sensor divers watch with ECO · drive compatible with ISO / JIS standard, with shock resistance and high visibility, with a charge amount indication that can be confirmed before diving so that diving can be carried out even more safely. Since regular battery replacement is unnecessary and there is no opening and closing of the back cover, maintain high waterproofness for a long time. The water depth meter was set at the 3 o'clock position (horizontal) as a starting point, and expressed the image which dives from the sea surface to the deep ocean sensuously. Even if all the needles overlap, we devise the shape so that each needle can be recognized.
    In addition, visibility is improved by coloring the night light of the time system needle to green light emission and the night light of the depth measurement system needle to blue light emission. To prevent malfunction, screw lock type is adopted for crown and push button. Rotating bezel improves operability by providing large unevenness at the top. The shape of the side of the case is such a complicated structure that two shells join up and down. It is the next generation sensor divers watch that reflects the inspiration received from the natural world in a stylish design after securing sufficient functionality.

    3 o'clock side When the water sensor on the side of the 3 o'clock side touches the water and roughly 2 seconds elapse, the water pressure sensor switch turns on and the water depth measurement starts automatically. Since the water depth can measure up to 70 meters, it is satisfying specifications for full-scale school as well as recreational diving.

    The water depth meter sets the 3 o'clock position as the base point (0 m), and expresses the image which gradually dives from the horizontal = sea surface to the deep ocean. The depth gauge displayed in the index differentiated from the scale interval (± 2 m) of 50 to 70 m by setting the scale interval of 0 to 40 m which is the diving range of recreational diving widely (± 1 m unit). This ensures readability of numerical values ​​and at the same time makes it possible to enjoy the movement of needles dynamically during diving.

    It is also possible to display the current water depth and maximum water depth at the same time.

    Water depth measurement function
    Waterproof 200 m diving
    Crystal glass
    Anti-magnetic type 1
    Night light (needle + index)
    Reverse rotation prevention bezel
    Screw lock crown
    Screw lock button

    Watch, Box, Manual, Warranty Card

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