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Hadakyoku skin perfection Tsurusube skin cleanser 0.4g × 32 capsule

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    A cleaning component proteolytic enzyme protease, compounding the sebum clear component. Outdated back of the dirt of the stratum corneum and the pores of the skin surface, to decompose gently by the force of the enzyme, will clean and remove the cause of dullness and Zara with. Inconspicuous pores, and prepares the skin of Tsurutsurusubesube. Prevent acne, it leads to healthy skin. And rice sterol is an intercellular lipid similar component, and Komenukaoiru that has been used in such as washing the face for a long time, by the force of the high emollient effect rice germ oil, protects firmly the moisture lost prone skin. Friendly foam mainly composed of amino acid-based cleaning ingredients, gently wraps the hardened skin. Approach to firmly old horny protease without rubbing. Hadakyoku skin perfection is the scent of common citrus green floral.

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