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do Organic Extract Lotion Moist <Lotion> 120ml

do Organic Extract Lotion Moist <Lotion> 120ml

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    A lotion that enhances your skin power with its Japanese-traditional beauty extracts from "unpolished rice" and "black soybeans".A plant-derived ingredient "plum fruit extract" has been newly added to the base of its original complex grain ingredients such as "unpolished rice" and " black soybeans" which approach to skin's resilience and elasticity, therefore, this lotion can provides more moisture, resilience, and elasticity to the skin than ever before. The amount of rose water (moisturizing ingredient) contained in the lotion has been increased. The aromatic scent of Bulgarian damask rose makes your skin and mind feel relaxed.

    • The moisture supply to the skin with a well-equipped transparent sense of texture
    · Suppress the progress of the drying
    Direct barrier the horny vegetable ceramide (domestic rice ceramide)
    Pull out Hari, the elasticity l
    New blending Doo organic original component (domestic organic brown rice from rice Nukaekisu, organic oat extract, domestic plum fruit extract, etc.) pull out the power of the "domestic plum fruit extract". And it prepares to skin a sense of transparency in the sense of firmness and clear.
    ■ Contents: 120mL

    □ even if the moisturizing and drying
    □ decreased firmness and elasticity of your skin
    Look at □ the complexion sinking
    □ If you skin is so sensitive to feel

  • Product Use

    1. Please use a clean skin after cleansing.
    2. Take an appropriate amount (teaspoon 1 to 1.5 cups approximately) palm or cotton,, let soften the entire face.
    3. palm with a fine movement, please Irezu lightly putting the force.
    Around the nose so as to sandwich the nose with both middle fingers putting, cheeks using the palm lightly putting.
    Forehead, putting using the palm of the hand to the side. Fat float easily forehead and T zone, please putting in a little stronger.
    4. When you familiar with lotion skin, please be trimmed so as to wrap gently the skin in the entire palm of the hand.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    About 99.9% in the product is the raw material of natural origin.
    Also in the product, we are blending about 12.6% of the raw materials of organic cultivation.
    ■ organic ingredients
    Damask rose flower water, bilberry leaf extract, oat kernel extract
    ■ Organic-derived components
    Hydrolysis rice bran extract, hydrolyzed Komeekisu
    Natural ingredients
    Propanediol, glycerol, ethanol (※), hyaluronic acid Na, soymilk fermented liquid, glucosylceramide, plum fruit extract, BG, dextrin, citric acid, citric acid Na, xanthan gum, sucrose laurate, support helix nigra bark extract, gluconic acid Na
    (※) as a carry-over components

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