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Junmai Daiginjo Hokko Masamune (300ml)

Junmai Daiginjo Hokko Masamune (300ml)

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  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors is prohibited by law. * Those under the age of 20 are considered minors in accordance with Japanese Law.

  • Product Introduction

    Nagano Prefecture kijimadaira production contract farming rice "Kinmon Nishiki" 100 percent use. Brewed in the ultra-long-term low temperature fermentation, Junmai Daiginjo that while there is a beauty of both taste-aroma of body feeling. Taste and rich aroma with a width is Sumiguchi brewing shop top wine of features.

    Fragrant type Kaorusake · Aromatic SAKE

    Sumiguchi brewing shop: 1869 (1869) founded. The border with Niigata Prefecture, is a brewery in the prefecture northernmost, located in one of the largest heavy snowfall region, Nagano Prefecture Iiyama Japan which is covered in more than 3 meters of snow during the winter. Hokko Masamune we naming than the Big Dipper, which was a light shining dipper type in the north of the night sky. And pure and abundant water that is springs from Uraraho Nabekurasan entertain the virgin forest of air and Japan's leading beech crystal clear of the intense cold, a Nagano Prefecture rice suitable for high-polished "Kinmon Nishiki" "Nishiki Miyama," "birch Nishiki use "and" Hitogokochi "abundantly, and 20s Iiyama master brewer, Yuya Muramatsu of technology, warehouse people have poured gained experience and passion to the sake brewing for many years.

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