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Pure rice sake Kumamoto Castle (300ml)

Pure rice sake Kumamoto Castle (300ml)

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  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors is prohibited by law. * Those under the age of 20 are considered minors in accordance with Japanese Law.

  • Product Introduction

    Mizutaka pure rice sake Kumamoto Castle using the total amount of the Kumamoto Prefecture Sanmai, using a clear and cold groundwater and Kumamoto yeast to a source Aso, is pure rice wine that exudes a natural rich Kumamoto of climate. Rich rice taste of pure rice unique will enjoy even in your cans even with cold.

    Full-bodied type Atsushisake · Rich SAKE

    "Representative of the Kumamoto, trying to make the first of sake in Kumamoto." Primary Yoshimura Futoshihachi is 1867 years, I worked in the manufacture of quickly sake. Later, from about 20 years, it is the New Year's Day morning of 1889. Futoshihachi is, open the door of the wine cellar, something unexpectedly To flopping when you try to put the light of the New Year to the elephant has jumped. If you look well-elaborated the eye it is was a hawk that microcomputer chasing a sparrow. Hawk, flapping also brave, he was flying around the inside of the warehouse. Thick eight as a "hawk of New Year ... What a auspicious Zuicho" did felt a great hope. Sakemei of Mizutaka intended that began here, sake Mizutaka is there a auspicious sake both in name and reality.

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