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Morning squeezed exhibition storage liquor (300ml)

Morning squeezed exhibition storage liquor (300ml)

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  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors is prohibited by law. * Those under the age of 20 are considered minors in accordance with Japanese Law.

  • Product Introduction

    "Mountain stream morning squeeze exhibition storage liquor" is a limited wine of the same brew and storage exhibition liquor won the triple crown of the world. Is a popular sake to Sakedori pulled out the original taste, sweet-sour taste of Japanese sake to the highest state. "Morning squeeze exhibition storage liquor" is to 3 days long low-temperature aging a mash of "squeeze mountain stream in the morning," the popular, increasing the alcohol level up to 20%, we bottling to immediately ice cold storage at the same time squeeze morning. Well-balanced the original taste, sweet-sour taste of Japanese sake, it is a popular drink in through that drawer to the highest state. You might be surprised to packaging wrapped with newspaper casually. This is, when Kuradashi, shut off the light, in order to also adapt to changes in the outside air temperature, is the best storage management method Sell Kan Review Board. In fact, it followed the traditional storage style of the country dealing with liquor cherish. And wrapped in a local newspaper, it is also popular as your gift to remember the Shinshu.

    Aging type Mature wine · Aged SAKE

    Endo Sake Brewery: Suzaka Shinshu was developed as Tatemachi of the Edo era, Horiie 10,000 stone. Since modernization was glory as a town of silk thread to support Japan's silk industry. Rest houses of princely warehouse building of current even at the time reeling home, it is a popular town of elephants. Cage of countries pilgrimage, are attracted to the effect of the alcohol, Tokusaburo Endo's first brewery has started brewing, there was also a conceded sake of Suzaka lord. At that time, sake "endowment Masamune" the lord has been named, now also Telling Live Lessons its taste, is now become the sake typified the sake "mountain stream", it is familiar to everyone.

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