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PARKER POINT 90 point win! Single mash unfiltered pure rice Genshu mana1751 premium (720ml)

PARKER POINT 90 point win! Single mash unfiltered pure rice Genshu mana1751 premium (720ml)

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

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  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors is prohibited by law. * Those under the age of 20 are considered minors in accordance with Japanese Law.

  • Product Introduction

    Single mash-free filtration is pure rice whiskeys unblended unfiltered undiluted pure rice sake commodity that has been developed exclusively for overseas. In the domestic market is limited sale of only Manazuru brewing. It smells like Standing rising strawberries faintly. As response to faint aroma that contains the charming sweetness, shading to faint bitterness also appeared taste. Elements of taste to delicately interlaced, suggesting the goodness of compatibility with a wide range of cuisine.

    Fragrant type Kaorusake · Aromatic SAKE

    Hokuriku small Kyoto "Echizen Ono" is the brewer of Continued from treasure-winning year (mid-Edo period) established. Echizen Ono is located upstream of Kuzuryu, the four-way in the 1000m grade water and green surrounded by mountains rich fan-shaped basin, it is also a specialty area of ​​Sake rice suitable "five Hyakumangoku", best waters hundred election " Oshimizu (you may arise from) SeiRetsu water and snow deeply frigid climate also coupled with "God" is a wonderful place enough to be said that created the earth "for sake brewing. It is a small brewery of the total amount handmade without relying on the machine, but while protecting the traditional technique as a luxury wine expert storehouse of all products Ginjo standards, we aim to new taste of sake.

  • Specifications

    【Alcohol】 15%

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