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Tamagawasyuzou Yukikura beauty white water

Tamagawasyuzou Yukikura beauty white water

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  • Product Introduction

    Whether a smooth and white hands of brewers from ancient times. Natural cosmetic wine was born from that question. Beauty white water, moisture milk, essence soap, we have prepared the essence cream. A natural component of the liquor, whitening, beautiful skin effect. Your skin will be healthy. Bad component in the skin is not used at all. Designed to be used with peace of mind can deliver with confidence, it is a natural cosmetics. It is also recommended to atopic sensitive skin. Your skin a "refreshing feeling of moisture." Hold the Yukikura beauty white water melanin pigment that causes [natural cosmetic wine] Kusumi, let clean is your skin whitening effect and moisturizing effect. Preservatives are not included. Sake amino acid concentrated, process patent acquisition ※ This product is sake. After opening please keep in the refrigerator.

    Edo period than 1673 years (1673) continued to brewing than fourth shogun Tokugawa Ietsuna era of the public, in 1989 the "brewery tour Echigo Yukikura Museum" was I born. The brewery tour courses have been made brewing methods and storage, such as introduction of the history of Japanese sake. In addition to the ball flavor, which is a representative brand in the tasting corner, sparkling Daiginjo and high alcohol level sake liqueur "Echigo Samurai Echigo samurai", also palatable pure rice sake "Yue 乃雪 built" Meguro Gorosuke "such as 10 kinds of you can try a sake. Besides, good for whitening and moisturizing that the sake of the material "Yukikura cosmetics" are also available. Tamagawa Brewery has the theme of "health and fun through sake". The label of exciting people brush character of the ball a decorated was ball flavor, we put the meaning of "amicable", "Enza" and "round flavor".

  • Product Use

    After the lotion is opened in the usual drink is sake, we will continue to degrade when they are long-term storage. This cosmetic sake, because the alcohol content is only 6 degrees, at normal temperature is most likely to deteriorate. After opening, it takes a little more effort I need your help in the refrigerator storage, but skin sake of natural bring out the original force, whitening, moisturizing, skin will be healthy. Okay more than six months before a guide opening of the expiration date. In the refrigerator storage after opening, please fill up as much as possible ahead of time. Sometimes wipe the mouth of the bottle, please wash the lid. Expiration of thumb tight odor, cloudiness will not be a problem there

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Organic acids: succinic acid, lactic acid, malic acid amino acids: glutamic acid, alanine, valine, arginine, glycine, asparagine, serine, Isoroshin, lysine, threonine other "minor components, (peptide) sugar: glucose, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides such as vitamin class: vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc. other: trace minerals

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