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Kiss Me combing eyebrow cut scissors N

heroine make

Heroine Make, a makeup brand that produces items to help you look just like the little princes in Manga comic books,"create your perfect look at anytime." The beauty package featuring Princess Elizabeth is quite impressionable. The long lasting Volume Control Mascara and the sweat and tear resistant Eyeliners and especially popular items. Heroine Make also produces base makeup products, and if you make your purchase based on the various series your are bound to create a clear and beautiful impression. Heroine Make is the definition of lasting beauty. >See more products of this brand.

Kiss Me combing eyebrow cut scissors N

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  • Product Introduction

    · Since combs are glued to scissors, you can easily trim the eyebrows that have extended to an irregular shape while preparing the hair flow with a single hand to a uniform length.
    · The curved cutting edge which is easy to apply to the skin cuts each fine hair which protruded from the outline of the eyebrow cleanly.
    - It is a handle designed to be easy to apply to the eyebrows and easy to hold, it is superior to the sense of stability at the time of cutting.

    Country of origin: Japan

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