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Anessa Mild Face Sunscreen SPF46


ANESSA, Powerful Ultraviolet Block for Beautiful Skin. Sun care series for your beautiful future skin, formulated with strictly chosen ingredients. Original in-house "AQUA BOOSTER" technology which the protective ant-ultraviolet film increases in strength each time in comes in contact with water or sweat. Although resistant to water and sweat, it is effortlessy washed away with soap and water with no need for any special cleaser. This item was born of the culimnation of Shiseido's beauty and wisdom, created especially for those girls who want to enjoy sports and leisure under the sun. >See more products of this brand.

Anessa Mild Face Sunscreen SPF46

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

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  • Product Introduction

    Shiseido Anessa Mild Face Sunscreen / delicate skin gently defend, sunscreen milks.

    ● gently firmly defend mild design the delicate skin from all the ultraviolet rays of the ground
    ● prepares to bright skin color coloring to faint.
    ● SPF46 PA +++
    ● Unscented
    ● Allergy tested
    ※ Not allergic reaction does not occur to everyone.

    Product Size (width × depth × height): 38mm × 24mm × 96mm
    Country of origin: Japan Contents: 35mL

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