Sofy Body Fit Night Guard (12 Pads x 2 Packs)

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Product PR

Sofy Body Fit feels as soft as cotton against your skin.

Its "center fit zone" stays in tact without any bunching to leakage, no matter how much you move.

No wings. 2 packs of 12 sanitary napkins. Quasi-drugs.

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  • Product features

  • 1. Double Barrier Line
    Solid prevention of leaks in any directions.The "center fit zone" fits gently against your skin to prevent gaps, so you never have to worry about leaks.
    2. Center Fit Zone
    More cushion-y shape than before to prevent any gaps or leaks even as you toss and turn at night.
    3. Absorbant Top Sheet
    Quickly draws in and absorbs menstrual fluid to prevent it from spreading.
    4. 26cm for heavy menstrual flow.

  • Materials

  • Polyester, polyethylene

  • Specification method

  • Change pads frequently during menstration

  • Notes

  • - Please consult your doctor if it is not suitable to your skin.
     - After use, please wrap sanitary pads before disposal
     - Do not flush down toilet

  • Remarks

  • Sanitary napkins

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