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unicharm Sophie Fuwagokochi natural air cotton (56 pictures)

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  • Product Introduction

    Sophie Fuwagokochi natural air cotton, to keep the Sarassara, is a textile sheet to prevent stuffiness, rash. 100% natural cotton surface is through the air. Even delicate skin, you can use with confidence less likely rash. In addition, since the firm through the air over the entire surface breathable back sheet, so that your skin to take a deep breath, is always comfortable to use.

    In order to prevent the contamination of underwear by the textile, is a sheet to be attached to underwear. Also referred to as panty liners.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Polyethylene, polyester

  • Specifications

    Please use in addition to the physiological day.

  • Precautions

    ● Cotton seed shell on the surface sheet or the like, may remain in the black dot. ● as much as possible frequently exchange, please try to clean.

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