Sofy Fuwagokochi Comfortably Long (56 pcs)

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ソフィ ふわごこち 快適ロング 無香料は、下着だけより気持ちいいおりものシートです。心地いい、ふわふわ素材の表面シートがクッションみたいに触れるから、肌にやさしいライナーです。手で丸めてもほわーんと元通りになる弾力シートが下着にも体にも、やさしくなじみます。全面通気性シートでムレを防ぎます。

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  • Product features

  • Sophie Fuwagokochi comfortable Long No fragrance is a textile sheet than just feels good underwear. Good feeling, because the touch like a fluffy surface sheet of material cushion, friendly liner to the skin. Also the body to elasticity sheet underwear made in Howan and restored rounded by hand, you familiar gently. To prevent stuffiness on the entire surface breathable sheet. Fragrance-free.

  • raw materials

  • Polyethylene, polyester

  • Specification method

  • As much as possible and frequently exchange, please try to clean.

  • Notes

  • Please consult your doctor when it is not suitable to your skin. Please discard wrapped in individual wrap liner after use. Please do not discarded to the toilet. After opening so that no foreign substances such as dust and insects, please keep in a sanitary manner.

  • Remarks

  • In order to prevent the contamination of underwear by the textile, is a sheet to be attached to underwear. Also referred to as panty liners.

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