Dunlop Enza 15 type with cover

Dunlop Enza 15 type with cover

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  • Description of item

  • "Dunlop Enza 15 type with air cushion cover" is sitting in a circle cushion with a cover. Without that the center of the hole pressing the affected area, air cushion which realized a comfortable elasticity at a pressure of air. Sick of pressure sores, please use the Dji disease and the like.

  • how to use

  • 1. spread remains piled upper and under the cover, place the Enza on it. Place the Enza on it. I pulled the top half of the cover from the center of the hole. 2. Adjust the position of the cover to fit the valve and the fastener of the break of Enza. 3. Fit the end of the fastener and tighten while pulling slowly. 4. When you have finished installation of the cover, the air was injected from the valve, please use.


  • 1. If you open the valve, please turn to the left. If you close the valve, please turn to the right until it does not leak air. 2. The cause of the failure by turning the valve with the pliers and metal fittings, please turn valve is always at hand. 3. Please do not remove by forcefully turning the valve. Cause of air leakage. Please do not place any object other than a person 4.. 5. Please do not use the car driving. By weight-shifting, there is the danger that if the state of the body to become unstable. 6. If the cover is dirty, please wash by hand without the use of a washing machine. In addition, please dry stretched well squeezed soft after washing. 7. left in place in the sun when the rubber will bruise quickly. Please keep in cold and dark place when not in use.

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  • Nutritional Information

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