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Granulated Wakamoto (24 Sachets)

Granulated Wakamoto (24 Sachets)

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  • Product Introduction

    Granulated Wakamoto is a gastrointestinal medicine with three functions: it aids in digestion, intestinal control, and supplies nutritional.

    Koji bacteria and lactic acid bacteria come together with nutrient-rich rice and wheat germ, along with yeast and vitamins to take advantage of their inherent digestive enzyme properties.

    "Granule Wakamoto" is a gastrointestinal medicine with three functions of digestion, intestinal control and nutritional supplementation.
    · Aspergillus · Oryzae NK bacteria helps weakened gastrointestinal digestion, it has effects on stomach leaning and loss of appetite.
    · Lactic acid bacteria culture powder suppresses harmful bacteria in the intestine, adjusts your tummy condition, and has tension effect on your stomach.
    In addition, by urging bowel movements and softening the stool, it also has effect on constipation.
    · Extensive nutrients such as two kinds of culture ends and vitamin B group contained in yeast are useful for nutritional enhancement, nutritional supplementation during physical fatigue and so on.
    · It is a product mainly made from three natural ingredients.
    · It is possible to take it for children of a wide age group from children to elderly people.
    · It is a granular type that is easy to take.
    - It is a convenient stick type for carrying.

  • Product Use

    Adult (15 years of age or older): 1 times 1 package 11 years of age or under the age of 15: 1 times 2/3 follicles 8 years of age or under the age of 11: 1 times 1/2 follicles 5 years or more but less than 8 years of age: 1 times 1/3 follicles less than 5 years of age: please take after meals three times a day that you do not take. * Please take with water or lukewarm water.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    1. The following people, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking. (1) Please observe the human 2. dosage regimen doctors who are receiving treatment (2) the person or family may have had allergic reactions caused by a person (3) drug allergies. When (other please be aware of the overdose or the like in the case of at the same time taking formulations containing vitamins, etc.) 3. Taking, please read the description document. 4. Please keep in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight. 5.1 If you want to take the divided rest of the packaging is, as much as possible to save to prevent moisture by folding the mouth of the bag, please take within two days. 6. Please keep out of the reach of children. 7. Please do not swap into another container. (Or causing the abuse, quality changes) 8. Product past the expiration date, please do not take.

  • Precautions

    3 follicles (adult daily dose) medium Aspergillus oryzae NK bacteria (digestive enzyme-producing bacteria) the end of culture: 3375.0mg lactic acid bacteria culture late: 675.0mg dry yeast (brewer's yeast): 2490.1mg thiamine nitrification product (vitamin B1): 3.4mg riboflavin (vitamin B2): 2.0mg nicotine acid amide: 2.0mg * as an additive, it contains a precipitated calcium carbonate.

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