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  • Description of item

  • "Biosuri H 120g" is, three kinds of beneficial bacteria - lactic acid bacteria, butyric acid bacteria, saccharifying bacteria - is viable bacteria antiflatulent that has been compounding. Three kinds of beneficial bacteria and bifidobacteria are actively growing, to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, balance the intestinal flora, and improves bowel movement abnormalities such as constipation, loose stools. Quasi-drugs.

  • how to use

  • Please and after meals taking the next amount. Age 1 dose daily number of doses sachets can enter adult (15 years or older) 1 Not to be taken wrapped 1g 3 Regenerative after less than 3 months or more 15-year-old less than half wrapped 0.5g age three months (of the patch to the can input spoon is about 1g in 1 cup Strike sugar)


  • ● The following of people that should not be please do not take. People who have had an allergy caused by cow's milk. * Is the person who drank the milk of that came out of the symptoms such as the following. Hives, lips numb, the skin is itchy, is a symptom, such as a face gets hot. In addition, people who have diarrhea and drink the milk will not be included in this.
    ● 1. The next person to consult, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking. In the case of people 2. The following are receiving medical attention, stop taking the drug, please consult your doctor or pharmacist with this package insert. If you also taking place one month the symptoms are often not.

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  • The symbiosis of the (3 during or 3g follicles) Open Ingredient name content work Rakutomin (lactic acid bacteria) 30mg butyric acid bacteria, to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, and prepares the balance of intestinal flora. Suppressing the butyric acid bacteria 150mg harmful bacteria, to produce a health important butyric acid, acetic acid, etc. of the intestines, and the active movement of the intestine. Increase the bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria is a saccharifying bacteria 150mg intestinal beneficial bacteria. As an additive, polyvinyl alcohol (completely saponified product), containing povidone, potato starch, lactose, the milk powder.

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