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Panlacmin Tablet

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    • Panlacmin Tablet
    • Panlacmin Tablet
    • Panlacmin Tablet

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  • Product Introduction

    A main ingredient, lactobacillus sporogenes “Rakubon”, conditions intestinal environment and treats constipation and loose stools

    Features 1
    Sporangia lactic acid bacteria (Rakubon) are less likely to be inactivated by stomach acid and reach the intestine alive.

    Features 2
    Treats indigestion and anorexia with the works of digestive enzymes

    Features 3
    Yoghurt flavor, and you can chew the tablets without water

    "Panrakumin Tablets" is an intestinal regulation medicine containing 4.5 million sporadic lactic acid bacterium (Rakubon bulk powder) that is resistant to stomach acid. Suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria such as rotting bacteria and improve intestinal flora to treat constipation, loose stools, and abdomen distension. Rekubon bacteria wrapped in spores are highly resistant to acid and heat and reach the intestines without being affected by stomach acid. Rakubon bacteria break the spores and breeds in the intestine to create a healthy intestinal environment. Small, sweet taste tablets

  • Recommended Dosage

    Please take the following amount after meals by swallowing or chewing

    Age / single dose / number of times taken per day
    15 years old / 3 tablets / 3 times
    11 years old to under 15 years / 2 tablets / 3 times
    5 years old to 11 years old / 1 tablet / 3 times
    Children under 5 years old cannot take this product

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Ingredients and efficacy of 9 tablets of this product are as follows.

    · Sporangia lactic acid bacteria (Rakubon bulk powder) 45mg
    A formulation of spores of lactic acid bacteria and has good stability. Improves intestinal flora by suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria such as rotting bacteria

    · Takadiastase N1 135mg
    A digestive enzyme that works in a wide pH range, helps digestion and improves nutrition absorption. Also promotes the growth of Rakubon bacteria.

    · Biotin (vitamin H) 18ug
    A vitamin that is essential for the growth of Rakubon bacteria

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