"Shin Biofermin S Tablets" Intestinal Medicine

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  • Product Introduction

    "Shin Biofermin S" is an intestinal medicine that contains 3 kinds of lactic acid bacteria.
    There are about 100 types of bacteria in humans' intestines. Good lactobacilli work well when you are healthy but intestinal bacteria can lose their balance and bad bacteria increase when you are not feeling well or as you age.
    This product contains Lactobacillus bifidus to aid in digestion, Enterococcus faecalis to regulate abnormalities in the intestinal flora, and Lactobacillus acidophilus that suppresses harmful bacteria. These bacteria are delivered to the intestines alive and increase on their own to regulate the balance of intestinal bacteria.

    Slightly sweet, white tablet can be easily taken by those of all ages - from young children to the elderly.

    Biologically-derived lactic acid bacteria from the small intestines
    Spreads and settles to the large intestines
    Highly effective in the gut

    1. Since it is a lactic acid bacteria derived from humans, it establishes itself well in the human gut.
    2. Three different strains of lactic acid bacteria spread from the small intestine to large intestine, regulating their condition.
    3. Suitable for young children to the elderly.

    Lactic acid bacteria for humans, from humans to settle and regulate the intestinal flora that can be become unbalanced with bad bacteria as we age.

    While it's important to actively consume lactic acid bacteria daily, we need to pay special attention to which type we take.

    There are various strains of lactic acid bacteria, but Shin Biofermin S is compatible with the human intestines because it contains lactic acid bacteria derived from humans.

    By studying and developing the intestinal bacteria of healthy people, this lactic acid bacteria is delivered live and known to be very effective in spreading from the small intestines to the large intestines to regulate the intestinal condition.

  • Product Use

    The following amounts, to be taken after meals.

    Age 1 dose daily number of doses
    Adult (15 years or older) three tablets three times
    5-year-old -14 years of age 2 tablets
    Not to be taken less than 5 years of age

    (Note related to the dosage and administration)
    1. If you want to take to the children, it is taken under the supervision of their parents.
    2. that adhere to the dosage regimen.
    3. lest lodge in the throat, that does not take in children under 5 years of age.
    Points: drink after a meal, lactic acid bacteria of this drug without being affected by gastric acid, live reach the intestines, it represents the intestinal action which is superior.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Settled in the large intestine to the Conch-bifidobacteria end 18mg Lord, make a lactic acid and acetic acid, enhances intestinal action.
    It settled in the small intestine to the Conch faecalis bacterial powder 18mg main, and prepares the disturbed growing quickly intestinal flora.
    Conch acidophilus bacteria 18mg mainly settled in the small intestine, creating a lot of lactic acid, it reduces the harmful bacteria.

  • Precautions

    ● To consult
    1. The following people will be consulted before taking to the doctor or pharmacist
    People who are receiving medical attention.
    2. In the case of the following, immediately stop taking the drug, to consult a doctor or pharmacist to bring this document
    If you can take 1 month the symptoms are often not

  • Storage Information

    ● bottled goods, for packing goods
    (1) Keep out of reach of children.
    (2) product past the expiration date should not be taken.
    ● For bottle goods
    (1) To keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight.
    (2) filling in the bottle, it is throw away that after you open the lid. (Padding but is intended to prevent the tablet is damaged during transport, the Moto change the quality comprises moisture.)
    (3) firmly occupy that the bottle lid each time of the taking. (Or other smell is moved, change the moisture absorption and quality.)
    (4) Do not replaced with other container. (Causing the abuse or quality changes.)
    (5) to the ""open date"" entry column of boxes and bottles, to fill in the date of opening the bottle.
    (6) once after opening, as soon as possible to take to be a guide within 6 months from the opening date in terms of quality preservation.
    ● For packing goods
    (1) To keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight.
    (2) the rest of the tablets were taken separately 1 package, save by folding the mouth of the bag, to be taken within two days.

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