Battlewin Scissors TS160L

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  • Dimensions:9.6cm × 20.2cm × 1.3cm

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  • Description of item

  • "Battle Wynn taping scissors TS160L" is, use an antimicrobial-containing resin, is your able taping cutter at any time clean. Bending about 25 degrees in order to increase the ease of use, the cutting edge is equipped with a safety guide so as not to touch the skin directly. Grips with a sliding stop may be safety, by a combination of a fluorine coating processing of the blade back, it can respond to any situation.

  • how to use

  • Taping is dedicated scissors. Pledged towards the tip round the bottom of the tape, please cut the flaws wearing a carefully tape to the skin.
     ● removal of the tape
     Tape of removal, please go to the same manner as in the taping. Not only pain when you violently removed, will cause wear scratches the skin. When you use a dedicated scissors, so that you as possible to choose a place away from the bone. The skin hard to put scratches and put Vaseline on the scissors of the previous, you can cut smoothly. After the tape removal, use the "remover spray" in order to take the remaining adhesive. Finally, we recommend that you put the powder in order to prevent the rash and inflammation.


  • Please be careful not to scratch of metal or the like to the blade back.

  • material

  • ● Blade: stainless steel
     ● handle: ABS resin (antibacterial agent mixed)
     ● Safety Guide: ABS resin (antibacterial agent mixed)

  • Nutritional Information

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