EG Aromatic Garden F Green G

EG Aromatic Garden F Green G

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  • Product Introduction

    "Earth Garden Aromatic Garden Fresh Green Garden scent of" is the activating agent of the granular type of only sow on top of the flower pot, planter of soil. Vitality component for each watering is melted gives the energy to the plant. In addition, elegant aroma with fresh spreads at the same time. Aroma and about 1-2 weeks duration (depending on usage). Fresh green garden scent.

  • Product Use

    ● Open the cap, please this drug weighed about 20g. (It is about 20g in full frame cap) ● a little away from the Kabumoto so that it does not directly touch the plant, please about 20g sprayed per share. When spraying, please be sure to spray on top of the soil. ● Please go as normal watering. The drug is gradually collapse when wet in water in a rain or watering, it melted the vitality component. No longer disappear eventually this drug, because it also eliminates the smell, please if it is sprayed with again this drug. ※ Because it may wither and take directly to the plant, the plant (root, stem, leaf) Please be sprayed as not to apply to. (Event, please remove as soon as possible if this drug is applied to the plant.) ※ Since this drug is not a fertilizer, fertilizer, please give separately.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Vitality component, perfume

  • Precautions

    ● This product is not edible. Please refer to the first aid, such as to immediately drink the water if you ate accidentally. Also, if you eat incorrectly pet please consult your veterinarian. ● you because there is a case to wither, please do not use hydroponics or cut flowers. ● Please note that children and pets of mischief. ● Please do not use in any applications. ● Please avoid the abuse so as not to pollute the environment. ● easy to people who caused the allergy symptoms and rash, please be careful not to touch the drug. ● If you have attached to the skin, wash well with soap and water immediately if the eyes, please obtain a physician immediately if you feel abnormal. ● After use, tightly close the cap, avoid direct sunlight, food and drink, to distinguish with the dish, please keep in a cool place out of the reach of children. ● When you throw away, please disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the local government as a plastic garbage. ※ Note Ayamashoku: Please note, such as put out of reach so that is not to eat accidentally, such as those of the children and the elderly.

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