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unicharm Sofy Hadaomoi Nighttime Use for Especially Heavy Menstrual Flow (9 sheets)

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  • Dimensions:10.3cm × 10.2cm × 19.0cm

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Product PR

ソフィ はだおもい 特に多い日の夜用 33cm 羽つきは、生理中の敏感肌にやさしい夜用ナプキン(特に多い日の夜用、羽つき、33cm)です。ふわふわなのに、べたつかない「はだおもいシート」で肌への負担を減らします。前後の「ダイヤエンボス」がこぼれ経血もしっかり吸収します。「スリム安心ギャザー」と、安心とムレにくさを両立する「ヒップ形状」で、多い日の夜でもしっかり頼れます。

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  • Materials / Ingredients

    Sophie skin I think especially many day night for 33cm feathers with of, friendly night napkins to sensitive skin during menstruation (especially large day for night, per feather, 33cm) is. Although it is fluffy, reduce the burden on the skin in a non-sticky "skin heavy sheet". Also firmly absorbing menstrual blood spilled "diamond embossed" of before and after. And "Slim peace of mind gather", in achieving both peace of mind and stuffiness difficulty "hip shape", will rely firmly at night of many days.

  • Precautions

    Polyethylene, polyester

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