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  • Description of item

  • "Psychrometer of daily total" is easy to see dry temperature gauge in the wall-mounted type of simple. 1 scale once.

  • how to use

  • The reading up of temperature and calculated using a humidity table out the difference between the temperature indicated by the dry bulb. For example, dry bulb (left glass tube (dry)) is 18 degrees, wet bulb when (glass tube of the right (wet)) is 15 degrees, the difference between the (dry) - (wet) is 18 over 15 = 3 you. 18 of the transverse field at the humidity table of 3 of the vertical orchids and humidity table left of the vertical orchid of the best by some on the Hulan (the difference between the readings of the dry bulb and wet bulb) (dry bulb reading) 71 of where the intersection is the current humidity.


  • ● dirty or wet bulb beauty gauze, when Sucking fried of water has become bad, or replace the gauze, please carefully wash.
    ● mounting position is, the height position of the eye standing people, avoid direct sunlight, should be in a place that is not affected by the heating and cooling equipment directly.
    ● when the wet bulb has been frozen, do this humidity table is not used.

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