PF Gel Insole Clear

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  • Product Introduction

    "Dr. Scholl's Party Feet Gel insole clear", without noticeable with a transparent gel type, is the insole (insole) which absorbs the impact on the sole of the foot. New features gel with superior shock absorption and dispersion properties to support the entire foot, relieve the soles of pain. The insole is subjected to projection processing, before slipping even prevention. It is ideal for a heel pumps. Zu shift in the shoes for on the back surface of the gel is sticky, you can use repeatedly wash.

  • Product Use

    1. Please peel off the film you are about the gel surface. Film of certain aspects of the projection processing is not stripped, please use it as it is.
     2. under the gel surface, the right shoes the person that says RIGHT, put a person that says LEFT on the left shoe. At that time, the distal end portion of the product and paste it into the position that rests at the base of the thumb and little finger.
     3. If the product is large, please adjust cut with scissors.
     4. If you have dirt, please dried naturally wash with lukewarm water.

  • Precautions

    ● If the blood circulation failure, diabetes, If you are such as scratches, eczema, swelling to the back foot, please use in consultation with your doctor.
     ● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place as much as possible with low humidity.
     ● Please discontinue use immediately in the case of itching and rash occurs during the use of this product.
     ● Please keep out of the reach of children.
     ● on the characteristics of the gel material, Dari imbued with the color of the shoe insole is in the product, the oil component in the insole of the shoe might penetrate to the insole portion of the shoe, but you can safely in normal use.
     ● by the insole of the material in the shoe, there are times when the product is difficult to stick.
     ● for product back is that there is a pressure-sensitive adhesive force, when to peel the product, there is a case such as the insole, insole color and pattern of peeling by the shoes of the material.

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