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Kirihai Chinshite Yutanpo Hot-Water Gel Pad

Kirihai Chinshite Yutanpo Hot-Water Gel Pad

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  • Dimensions:25.5cm × 15.0cm × 4.6cm

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  • Product Introduction

    "Kirihai Chin to hottie" is a hottie that just followed cozy warmth for heating in a microwave oven. The cover of the pleasant feel in the pocket, warm firm the cold feet. Warmth will last about 8 hours. Repeat can be used. Cover you can use clean you it is possible to wash. Hottie microwave type Kirihai chemical hottie

  • Product Use

    How to use (1) body is made to double bag. Outer bag will be used to put in a microwave oven without breaking. (2) wiped off well the dirt in a microwave oven before use. (And dirty, sometimes broken melts bag.) (3) is heated to put the body in a microwave oven. ※ put a non-woven fabric side down. Always heated in a microwave oven function ※, oven function, it does not heat the steam function. ※ microwave oven is not used for business. ※ can also be used in a microwave oven without the turntable. (4) After you put the body in a dedicated cover, it is used to put the futon. (5) If you want to warm the feet, put the feet in the pocket of the cover.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Gelling agents, preservatives, dyes

  • Precautions

    ● Use to put in a dedicated cover to 必. Direct exposure to the skin when there is a risk of burns. ● Do not rely on the same site for a long time. There is a risk of low temperature burns. ※ The low temperature burns, and has devoted a long period of time the heating element of higher than body temperature that burns to cause erythema, the symptoms of blisters and the like. In some cases to become a low-temperature burns not accompanied by subjective symptoms. ● If the bag is gel in torn leaks in the range within and bedding, because of the high temperature, it does not touch until cool. ● Do not touch directly by hand. ● immediately stop using you feel hot. ● Do not use if you are Kitaichi the modulation to the body. ● If there is a failure in diabetes isothermal feeling and blood circulation, consult a doctor. ● infants, etc., do not use If you can not remove this product at their own will. ● Do not use when there is an abnormality in the skin. ● Do not drop, does not crush. ● This product can not eat. ● bag is torn, if the contents are attached to the sheets or the like do the wash. ● Do not heating except in a microwave oven. ● Do not use in any applications. ● When the waste is, according to the remains of the municipal division of the double bag.

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