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"Azuki no Chikara" Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

"Azuki no Chikara" Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

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  • Dimensions:18.0cm × 18.0cm × 6.0cm

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For your worn out shoulders and neck; treat them to the natural steam of 100% azuki beans.
This pillow has the perfect shape and size to fit onto your neck and shoulders to provide you with a full, relaxing steam experience.
※Azuki beans and mung beans are used for this product.

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  • Product Features

  • ① 100% adzuki beans※1 are used for this product.
    ② Heat from natural steam※2 of adzuki beans warms up and makes you feel relaxed.
    ③ It has a moderate weight and fits perfectly your neck and shoulders, so your body will be warmed up effectively.
    ④ A specially designed shape that widely wraps around your shoulders and neck.
    ⑤ Can be used immediately by heating up with a microwave oven.
    ⑥ Economical as it can be used 250 times repeatedly.
    ※ 1: Adzuki beans and mung beans are used for this product
    ※ 2: Steam is invisible.

    This item is not a medical device.

  • How to Use

  • 1. Remove the product from the transparent bag, fold it halfway so the side with characters is inside, and place it in the center of the microwave oven. (Wipe off the dirt on the part where you put it). Place it after leveling the beans inside the pillow.
    2. Heat according to the estimated time. Do not heat with a power exceeding 700 W. ※ Do not leave the microwave oven while heating.
    Estimated time: 500 W / 2 min, 600 W / 1 min 50 sec, 700 W / 1 min 30 sec
    3. Place it on the neck shoulder so the side with characters is faced up.
    * Cannot be heated with anything other than microwave functions.
    * Cannot be heated automatically.
    * Do not heat beyond the predetermined time.
    * Cannot be heated with an office-use microwave oven.


  • ● Do not use for anywhere other than your neck and shoulder.
    ● Do not use for parts with skin problems (wounds, eczema, rash, burns, burns due to sunburn etc.), parts of the body which are producing heat, and the mucous membranes.
    ● Do not use directly on your skin, use it over clothes that is resistant to heat and moisture, as this may cause skin burns. Also, do not use this product for people who are unable to remove this item by their own will, children, people with diabetes, and when you are very drunk or at bedtime.
    ● Do not keep using this product for the same part for a long time.
    ● Do not use burned or broken items.

    ** Precaution for heating**
    ● Because there is a risk of fire, be sure to observe the heating time and do not heat beyond the predetermined time. Also, adzuki beans are used for this product, so heating up beyond the predetermined time may cause them to get burned and become unusable. Therefore, be careful with heating time.
    ● Limit the times of use to 4 times a day. After you heat it up and use it, wait for more than 4 hours until next time you use. If adzuki beans do not absorb adequate moisture after use, these will get abnormally hot and there is a danger of causing unexpected accidents such as ignition and fire.
    ● When you take out heated products from the microwave oven, check the temperature of the product carefully. If you feel it is hot, do not take it out immediately, take it out after it has been cooled down enough.
    ● Wipe off the stain on the microwave well before use. If it is difficult to remove the stain, put the pillow on a plain, clean dish made of pottery and heat it. (If the stain adheres to the bag, only the part where the stain is sticked is abnormally heated and it may catch fire)

    ** Other precautions **
    ● Keep it in a cool, airy place when it is not used.
    ● This product cannot be washed.
    ● This product cannot be eaten.
    ● When you throw it away, follow the classification specified by the city / town / village.

  • Quality Labeling

  • The side of skin: 88% Polyester, 12% Nylon
    The opposite side of skin: 100% Cotton

  • ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

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