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Relax Yutapon Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Relax Yutapon Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

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  • Product Introduction

    Relax Yutapon Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad is a thermal heating pad that relieves stiff, tense, or tired shoulders. Simply pop it in the microwave and wrap it around the back of your neck to enjoy a pleasant warming sensation that lasts about 20 minutes (varies slightly depending on the temperature of the room).

    From the moment you place it over your shoulders, you will feel the heat traveling down to break up the tension in muscles.

    Take a few moments to let the steam from azuki beans and ceramic pellets relax you in this ergonomic pad. (Good for about 200 uses).

  • Product Use

    1. Please remove this product from the transparent bag. 2. Please wipe well the dirt of the microwave oven dish before heating. ※ If you adhere to dirt in this product, only that part is abnormally heated, there is a risk of fire. 3. the surface you are writing the letters down the side, and then heating put in the center of the microwave oven. Please be flat in the place so that there is no deviation of the contents. ※ Please do not leave your side of the microwave oven during heating. 4. Place your face that says a character in and outside the neck shoulder, please use. ※ reheating apart for more than 4 hours before the next use, please as a limit to 4 times a day. After use, thoroughly content becomes abnormally hot and do not absorb moisture, burns and burnt, there is a risk of smoke.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Ingredients: red bean, ceramic (mineral) body surface material: cotton, polyester

  • Precautions

    1. Please do not use in any applications. 2. In order to prevent burns, please pay attention to the following points. - Not directly used for the skin, please use from the top of the clothing. - Those with sensitive skin, please do not use the site you are charged with the site and heat with abnormal skin. - Infants and pets, please do not use during the drunk at the time and bedtime. If you like your disabled people of the body is used, please enough attention is better around. • When the hot and feel, please discontinue use immediately. If you are blood circulation failure in diabetes, etc., especially please note that it may be difficult to feel the heat. 3. not a medical device. Please do not use for therapeutic purposes. 4. I can not eat. 5. You can not wash.

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