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Sofy Soft Tampons Super Plus Tampons for Especially Heavy Menstrual Flow (25 pieces)

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  • Dimensions:14.4cm × 12.2cm × 7.7cm

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ソフィ ソフトタンポン スーパープラス 特に多い日用は、特に量の多い日用のタンポンです。新形状ファイバー配合で、チャーム ソフトタンポンスーパーより1.3倍の吸収力を実現。しかもアプリケーターはスーパーと同じ太さのままだからスムーズに使えます。挿入しやすい先の丸いソフトアプリケーターは、吸収後は矢羽の形に広がるので抜き取りもなめらかにできます。

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  • Product features

  • Sophie soft tampons super plus especially large daily is particularly abundant daily of tampons. The new shape fiber blending, realized 1.3 times the absorption capacity than Charm soft tampons super. Moreover, the applicator can be used to smooth because remains of the same thickness as that of the super. Insert easy to blunt soft applicator, absorption after you unplug it can smoothly because the spread in the form of a feather. In addition, easy to open the package in an individual package shape as envelope, simple design does not go out even garbage. Facilitate the returning of the applicator after use, can be discarded easily clean.

  • raw materials

  • Materials and raw materials constituent material absorber: rayon / polyester straps: cotton / polyester applicator: polyethylene

  • Specification method

  • Please do not use more than 8 hours ● is. ● use of tampons, is a standard 4 to 8 hours. Before leaks in accordance with the menstrual blood volume, please be frequently replaced. ● If you are using in the sea and the pool, on the health, Once out of the water immediately remove the tampon, please replace the napkin. ● For safe use, please be sure to read the instructions that are included with the product before use.

  • Notes

  • Not even air easy insertion used in only three of the tips! ① with a jagged section, take a deep breath ② put into the body until the "insertion of a guideline", just press firmly in ③ the other hand! (1) by pulling on the string that string is not cut, in order to use you not missing check (2) the shape of the applicator of the previous check safely, please be sure to read the package insert before use. Toki important thing about shock syndrome (TSS) is Yes written. TSS is a very rare, but serious disease that applied during tampon use, package insert, please keep it in a safe place.

  • Remarks

  • Please keep it in a box to avoid the place where high temperature and humidity.

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